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Amtrak Subsidy Cut: Stupid Beyond Belief

| Thursday February 24th, 2005 | 1 Comment

Second in a series: Kurt Cobb’s Resource Insights hits the administration hard calling the cuts ‘stupid beyond belief‘. Cobb accurately points out that passing the buck to the the states is the same as forcing an end to most Amtrak service, which is the real goal of the administration. Despite that, “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that we will be needing a lot more rail service in the coming decades, not a lot less.”
An additional problem: The highway lobby holds sway over its subsidies with an iron fist while next to no one lobbies for rail.
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  • Mike Massey

    Today the headlines in my local paper are “oh no, not again.” Seems we had another Amtrak/auto crash in our parish. According to statistics at the Federal Railroad Administration, Amtrak has been involved in 33 collisions resulting in 14 deaths and 31 injuries while operating over 60 miles of track through our parish over the last 10 years.
    Amtrak is a deadly disaster of a company that should be killed today. The public subsidy of Amtrak PREVENTS the entry of private passenger train operators and the expansion of mass transit. No private company could compete with a company that receives such huge injections of free capital.
    Only a company who cares little about profits or losses could operate in such a manner as does Amtrak. Their on time record is terrible. Their rider-ship outside the Northeast corridor is terrible. Their safety record is abysmal.
    Your support of Amtrak is wrong. Private companies will assume the profitable routes if Amtrak disappears and freight companies or airlines may once again resume rail passenger service.