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Independant: Proof – Global Warming Caused by Humans

| Saturday February 19th, 2005 | 6 Comments

The Independant reports today irrefutable proof that climate change is being caused by human activity – specifically, the slow warming of the Ocean’s temperature as they absorb energy that we have pumped into the atmosphere.
The most glaring consequences, if accepted: That governments and industry may be held criminally liable in court.


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  • susan

    i don’t think this is a big deal

  • ,osg

    this website is cool :]

  • Anonymous

    theres no proof that humans did it. yes, maybe indirectly, but not directly, plus, the earth has been steadily warming from the last ice age. this is not to say that humans have not helped with global warming, but the slope of the graph on which the climate’s temperature increase shows, the world has only got slightly warmer since the industrial revolution when humans first started to aid in this warming of the atmostphere

  • Anonymous

    not a big deal? tell that to the innocent island nations that will go underwater within the next fifty years.

  • joe

    criminal liability? complete junk. legitimacy is lost when you resort to such extremist views. the last thing this topic needs is crazy people bringing emotionally charged arguments into the fray.

  • http://www.facebook.com Ingrid Chiu

    you’re a bloomin’ idiot, Sir Stinkalot tee hee.