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Pros and Cons of De-Funding Amtrak

| Wednesday February 23rd, 2005 | 0 Comments

As we all know by now, the current administration is dead set on killing all funding for Amtrak. Not reducing funding, but letting it go all-together. If successful, the budget cuts will change Amtrak forever. The first lines to go will undoubtedly be long distance lines which have never turned a profit, forcing Amtrak to concentrate on its few profitable cooridors in the Northeast and around Chicago.
But is that really such a bad thing? Should we, in fact, be subsidising tourist attractions such as the mighty Empire Builder that serve little practical transportaion purpose? Should we not be praising and expanding financially successful service such as the Hiawatha? What about Jobs? What about future investment… is this really a private sector concern? What can we learn from the problems of privatised rail in Britain? Over the next few days we’ll post some differing opinons on the matter to get a better idea of who’s thinking what, and where to find the real facts.


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