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Solar Tower Closer to Reality

| Friday February 25th, 2005 | 1 Comment

solar_tower.jpgAustralia’s ambitous Solar Tower project took a leap forward recently with the announcment of an approved location – a sheep ranch in the outback of New South Wales.
The epic project – a 3,000+ foot tall chimney (dwarfing anything that has ever been built) that will use the principals of heat convection to generate an upward blast of air that could power as many as 200,000 homes – may or may not actually be built.
Issues not being considered: Can subsequant towers be built to recoup the development costs? How much land do people really want to sacrifice for this development? What about transmission efficiencies from remote locals? At any rate, it’s a hot (pun very much intended) area to watch.

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  • Mike

    10 year wait for return is ok. Borrow the money, and as long as the yearly profit is above the interest, you win.
    You can’t loose – build the darn thing. You’ll be glad you did in, say 3 years from now ! ! !