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Working From Home – Save the Planet, Save Yourself

| Monday February 14th, 2005 | 1 Comment

Enviropundit brings up telecommuting as the ideal environmental choice? The cost savings are obvious, and Varifrank mentions that out desire to “go to work” is largely a socially ingrained concept we’re just no ised to shrugging off.
From personal experience, I have to admit, working from home can also drive you nuts unless you are extremely well disciplined. For me, the ideal compromise both personally and environmentl is to walk to a nearby office a few days a week.

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  • http://enviropundit.blogspot.com jacqui_42@yahoo.com

    Eh, I wouldn’t say it’s the IDEAL choice, but it is a choice that can help. Most people won’t be able to do it, and entire industries won’t be able to do it, but I do know several people that work from home successfully. Yes, those people are highly disciplined.
    I like the idea of being able to walk to work too.