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Costs of Car Ownership

| Tuesday March 1st, 2005 | 1 Comment

What do you get with a car? Freedom? The way American infrastructure is currently set up, that might be true, but what about the costs? figureing out those costs is a good financial exercise, as well as a shock. The American Automobile Association figures that the average cost of driving is 56.2 cents per mile, or $8,431 a year. If you’re keen to see some of the math, try out this calculator by a bike advocacy group.
Point is not to scare you out of your car (ok fine, I’m a snooty cyclist), but to give you some idea of the concept of hidden costs bestowed upon people who may or may not really want to be shelling out.

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  • Maryanne Jones

    I agree with the fact that the cost of driving an automobile is no longer a luxury but a pure headache for those that must find cheaper gas prices, dodge the construction on the freeways, or deal with enormous potholes in the streets. Is there a solution?? I think there is. I am from Boston and mass transporation for me and many others has become a way of life. Although cycling is good when the weather permits, the use of public transportation is even better. The system is dependable, reliable, and even though rush hours are crowded, it is tolerable compared to sitting in traffic for 1-2 hours. Mass transportation is an asset to reducing air pollution and allows the DOT to do its thing in keeping our streets and roadways repaired. Mass Transportation brings lots of revenue to the cities that have been successful in establishing a working system.