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Debunking the Hydrogen Economy

| Tuesday March 8th, 2005 | 2 Comments

h2.jpeAlthough praise is being sung from all corners about the potential savior hydrogen, there is a major issue that is often forgotten: How do you produce it and at what cost? Energy Bulletin points out:

Hydrogen isn’t an energy source – it’s an energy carrier, like a battery. You have to make it and put energy into it, both of which take energy.

Coming up with a way to produce it that is climate neutral and economically efficient is a lot more challenging than you might think.


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  • http://www.jeffrueppel.com Jeffrey Rueppel

    Nuclear. As renewable and plentiful as it gets. It’s time to get over associating nuclear power generation with Atomic weapons. The we can get to work at building out the infastructure for small, failsafe, efficient and affordable nuclear power.

  • http://www.thoughtsonthings.com Nick Aster

    Well, nuclear is definitely not renewable – seeing as uranium is not unlimited and has to be mined, which itself is a rather destructive practice.
    Still, using a certain amount of nuclear energy to basically cover our butts while we figure something else out seems like a more reasonable approach to me than firing up more coal plants.
    There’s a cool report coming out soon about planning for hydrogen that says (optimistically) that photovoltaics are only a few years away from being cheap enough to do a lot of the H2 conversion for us… that’s better than nuclear for sure.