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Old Containers Come to Aid in Sri Lanka

| Tuesday March 8th, 2005 | 1 Comment

aidstation.jpgThe Seattle-based firm, Team Hybrid, in partnership with non-government organizations Asiana Education Development and Doctors of the World, is transforming shipping containers into well-designed health clinics that can be put into long-term use in Sri Lanka. The aid stations will be outfitted with medical supplies and moved to a new location every four months. The team hopes to have them in place by April. Sustainable Metropolis has more on this story.

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  • http://www.thoughtsonthings.com Nick Aster

    In addition to the obvious humanitarian benefits, shipping containers make surprisingly great architecture. You can pick ‘em up for a couple grand on eBay believe it or not, and do almost anything you want with them from…
    Innovative and expensive
    cheap and practical