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Wind Energy vs. The Birds

| Sunday March 6th, 2005 | 1 Comment

wind_js.jpgNo matter how “good” something is, there’s sometimes a point where it grows to the point of conflict. Enter the windmill and the birds. In addition to being “unsightly” to some people, wind turbines have a nasty reputation for killing birds. Just how many are killed, and how big a problem it really is depends on a lot of factors. Making bigger towers that turn more slowly may help, but it’s another challenge to work out on the long road to sustainability.

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  • http://sustainablog.blogspot.com Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

    Hey, Nick–
    First, great to see you’ve got the site going — looks great! Welcome to the Sustainable Blogosphere!
    On windmills and birds: yes, birds die in windmills, but this conflict seems to be brought up most by conservative voices not in favor of alternative energy production in the first place. If you Google “birds and windmills,” the one of the highest-ranking items is from WorldnetDaily… Here’s some good information. Take a look at the this column, and also the executive summary of the Chautauqua report linked at the bottom.
    Best of luck with TriplePundit — you’re off to a great start!
    sustainablog: http://sustainablog.blogspot.com