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Anti CSR Funds, Why?

| Friday April 15th, 2005 | 1 Comment

nyse.jpgIn slightly better taste than the Vice Fund, the Free Enterprise Action Fund purports “to seek long-term capital appreciation through investment and advocacy that promote the American system of free enterprise”. Their premise is that CSR is an anti-business threat tainted with “leftist” agendas. Are they on to something, or is this a reactionary blip against a much stronger tide of conscientious business? Anita Green of PAX makes the counterpoint that CSR’s roots are in the church, “not exactly a bastion of liberalism”… (more on Morningstar)
This is definitely a topic worthy of further discussion – click the “discuss” link under this post to join in.

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  • Elizabeth U

    I just found another interesting article on the topic, from MSN Money. It has some tables comparing major holdings and performance.