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Honda Cutting Japan Emissions 30%

| Monday April 4th, 2005 | 1 Comment

honda_logo.jpgBeating government imposed regulations by more than 3-fold, Honda motors plans to cut CO2 emissions from its Japanese manufacturing plants by 30% from 1990 levels in a mere 6 years. The principal methods employed – switching to solar and liquified natural gas over petroleum. Financial Express article here.

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  • Tim

    Can you advise me of Honda R&D Japan email addess??? There slogan here is “The power of dreams”! Have I got a challenge for those boys! All the answers for a clean green fuel are all stareing us in the face and I believe we need to combine a few options, so as to back-up one another to make it a success. Yes, this is a dream of mine, but very acheivable I think. if successful there would hardly be a household that wouldn’t want one!