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The 6040 House

| Wednesday April 13th, 2005 | 2 Comments

prefab.gifThere’s no reason pre-fab construction has to mean a doublewide and a Camaro on blocks. There’s also no reason it has to employ anything less that the highest green building standards. Enter the 6040 House: A generous 3,000+ square feet of energy efficient steel-framing (readily recyclable) manufactured to minimize construction waste. I’ve also been informed by a tipster that “Solar power, wind generator, rainwater harvesting, and biolet off-grid toilets are available” – although I can’t seem to find that referenced on the website.


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  • mh

    Don’t be fooled. The energy required to separate the sandwiched foam from the steel for recycling is cost prohibitive.

  • bob

    Their product is a glorified pole barn. You can purchase a comparable steel building for $17 a sq. foot, and add windows and details for another $15 a sq. foot. Thats $32 a sq. foot and they are charging $135, what gives?!
    As to energy effeciency, steel is a great conductor of heat. With a steel skin over steel frame and no appreciable insulation barrier, this building will cost a fortune to heat and cool.
    This is a product by Northern Steel, a commercial/ industrial steel building manufacturer with little experience in efficient residential construction.
    They are playing the green card to sap the green suckers and loot a small fortune from them. the only thing green about this building is the paint color option.