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Alterra: Coffee With a Conscience

| Monday May 9th, 2005 | 1 Comment

alterra.gifAlterra Coffee is a local Milwaukee roaster with a reputation for the best cup around. They’re also wildly succesful despite the presence of no less than 17 nearby Starbucks franchises.
What are they doing right? Well, for one thing, they’ve returned a lot to the community, which results in loyal customers. They’ve recently begun costly renovation of a historic building that represents a direct investment in a central city neighborhood. That’s only the latest in an amazing list of civic and environmental accomplishments.

Alterra also renovated an old historic pumping station that had sat in disrepair for many years. It’s now a popular coffee stop for walkers even in the dead of winter, and doubles as an educational facility about stormwater. The facility even boasts an artificial wetland for treating runnoff from the parking lot.
It get’s even better. The company is 100% Wind Powered, as certified by the EPA, and offers education information about alternative energy on the “java jackets” served with their coffee cups.
Are they doing all this because they’re just nice people? Maybe, but there’s no question that it all helps fuel a succesful and growing business.

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    guess who paid for the pumping station on the lakefront?
    ALTERRA is taking tax money from M ilwaukee and financing thier company