IdleAir Saves Truckers Money and Cuts Pollution

idleair.jpgA new truck stop innovation is reducing both noise and air pollution, while saving truckers money. It’s also saving them sleep, as the sound of chugging diesel motors surrounding the trucker’s cab during sleep time is greatly reduced.
The invention is called IdleAir. It replaces the need to to leave big rigs running while stationed at truck stops in order to run air conditioning units and other appliances such as stoves, microwaves and TVs.

IdleAir allows truckers to enjoy many of these creature comforts while leaving the engine off – after installing a $10 plastic plate in their window which connects to the IdleAir. One side of the unit acts as an air conditioner, the other side holds a computer screen that allows access to either television or the internet. Not only does this greatly decrease both air and noise pollution, but costs $1.50 an hour, which is much cheaper than the amount of fuel that would be burned to keep the truck running. On top of that, wear and tear on the engine is reduced.