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Mitsubishi to Bring Back the Electric Car in 2010

| Wednesday May 11th, 2005 | 3 Comments

mitsubishi_electric.jpgEarlier we reported on the apparant demise of the electric car. We may have spoken too soon – Mitsubishi is planning an all new electric car for the Japanese market in 2010 (source – green car congress). The test vehicle (based on the Colt) is said to hit 94mph and goes about 100 miles on a charge. (company press release)


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  • Geoff Thomson

    Fabulous! With the increase in global fuel prices how can Mitsubishi go wrong?

  • Josef K NAGLER

    As I am driving the same car with the current combustion engine for daily runs much less than 150 km distance I can’t wait to have the EV as my “mainly used second car”.
    Using overnight power connection for recharging electricity companies wil be happy to have some load besides hot water systems.
    For longer distances I see automatic battery exchange at fast food outlets while in the ordering queue… In this manner one could also just “hire” a battery and not own one.

  • C.R.Bhattacharjee

    Mitsubishi must attempt small electric cars for middle class Indian at a price of $3500. Marlet will be big for at least 30000 cars a year. Why not co. is thinking on collaboration.
    I am unterested to join in collaboration.