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Rainwater Collection Makes Good Business

| Thursday May 26th, 2005 | 3 Comments

rainwater_guy.jpgCollecting rainwater, especially in dry climates, is a great way to reduce one’s water bill, and in some areas get better quality drinking water. Richard Heinichen of appropriately named Dripping Springs, TX had had enough with hard-water wells and decided to start collecting and filtering rainwater in barrels. Over the years this has led to a thriving business setting up rainwater harvesting systems in his local area as well as selling how-to books and videos. (see www.rainwater.org for more)


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  • bidhya

    well, it’s interesting to know about the rain water harvesting and it’s use… i’d like to know more about it….

  • Aca Thomas

    Fantastic. In Fiji we have lots of rain. Thanks for this new opportunity to explore and get this god given business going!!

    How do we learn more about the technology? Why do we have to store the water underground?