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The Sustainable Supply Chain Problem

| Thursday May 12th, 2005 | 0 Comments

supchain.jpgYour company might be as responsible and sustainable as you can make it, but that means very little if you’ve got no idea about the practices of your suppliers. From Ethical Corporation:

Last week an article and editorial in the Financial Times newspaper highlighted the many methods that Chinese suppliers use to cover up poor health and safety practices. The revelations were sobering, if not surprising. The reality is that getting developing world suppliers to comply with international social and environmental standards remains a formidable problem.

Does the ultimate responsibility lie with the buyer? Perhaps, but it’s not easy to wade throught the maze of poorly documented information from suppliers of all shapes and sizes. One answer may be collaborative monitoring – wherein groups of buyers agree to demand a certain level of compliance from shared suppliers – this takes the burden off the buyers, and suppliers get a more streamlined system to work in. (more on ethicalcorp.com)


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