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Toyota to Start Hybrid Production in Kentucky

| Thursday May 19th, 2005 | 1 Comment

camry.jpgWe’ve had so many Toyota related posts here lately, it’s getting a little uncanny, but nonetheless, this one is worth it. Toyota will begin production of its newest hybrid – a version of the Camry – at its Kentucky plant in about a year.
The fact that Toyota is moving forward with more hybrid production is great, but the bigger side of this story is that it represents a solid commitment to jobs and economy in the auto-maker’s biggest market: the USA. With both GM and Ford struggling to stay afloat, Toyota’s continued investment means a less shakey future for America.

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  • Truth Man

    If it wasn’t for companies like toyota, nissan, and kia, gm and ford wouldn’t be failing. We wouldn’t have this “shakey” economy if it wasn’t for them!