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Can Better Business Strategy Prevent Terrorism?

| Wednesday June 8th, 2005 | 0 Comments

wallstflag.jpgIf one assumes that in most cases terrorism is a symptom of a set of circumstances – “neglect, despair, dashed hopes, thwarted opportunities” etc… then it can also be seen to be a side effect of unsustainable development. Although we have managed to lock up a great many potential threats, the underlying economic and cultural circumstances do not seem to have changed much. Stuart Hart addresses this problem in a new book (introduced on Next Billion) that looks for non-political answers:

The major challenge–and opportunity–of our time is to create a form of commerce that uplifts the entire human community of 6.5 billion and does so in a way that respects both natural and cultural diversity. Indeed, that is the only realistic and viable pathway to a sustainable world. And business can–and must–lead the way.


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