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Interesting North Dakota Ethanol Campaign

| Monday June 20th, 2005 | 2 Comments

goe.gifAlthough there remains a certain amount of debate (see here) on both the “greenness” and the practicality of Ethanol, if it ever grows to be a real gasoline alternative, there will be a great economic benefits for states such as North Dakota. As a result, that state has embarked on an amusing campaign for public awareness of ethanol’s potential for the state.


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  • Bob from ALAMN

    Gotta love that NoDak sense of humor. In neighboring Minnesota we have been using E85 for years — we have more than 150 stations selling the cleaner-burning gas alternative — and we at the American Lung Association of MN are supporting the effort with this website:

  • http://www.drugaddiction.net/north-dakota oliviaharis

    Denatured, or industrial, alcohol is ethanol to which poisonous or nauseating substances have been added to prevent its use as a beverage; a beverage tax is not charged on such alcohol, so its cost is quite low.
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