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Massive Wind Farm Proposed to Power 25% of London

| Wednesday June 8th, 2005 | 2 Comments

wind_london.gifA truly massive wind-farm has been seriously proposed for the Thames Estuary off the coast of England by ShellEnergy. If built, the farm could power as much as 25% of greater London – a metroplex of over 10 Million. It’s so gigantic that it could singlehandedly mark the tipping point after which wind energy ceases to be a trivial component of the world’s production. Not only that, but it’s enormously significant for Shell as well. I’ve no idea what kind of percentage of Shell’s revenues are currently generated by alternative energy, but this would certainly change things. (via Alt-e blog)


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  • http://www.aweo.org Rucio

    It could also be the tipping point after which nobody can argue that large-scale wind will ever be more than a trivial component of the world’s production.
    We also have news this week about scores of seals being born dead or abandoned, probably because of the Scroby Sands wind facility off Great Yarmouth. The problem for marine mammals is likely the low-frequency vibrations that the turbines generate.

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    Wind to Power London?

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