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Organic Milk Can’t Keep up With Demand

| Friday June 10th, 2005 | 1 Comment

milk.jpgDemand for organic food continues to grow, and in the case of Milk, is greatly outstripping supply – as reported in Cheese Market News.

Consumer demand for organic dairy products has eclipsed industry expectations. Growth predictions that once seemed overly optimistic are lower than actual growth. Yet, despite the market potential, organic companies are failing to cash in on the demand. There simply is not enough organic milk to keep the shelves fully stocked.

Although it’s stressful for farmers, as pointed out on Sustainablog, it’s also a great sign for the future of organics, and those who do business in the market. (via Sustainable Marketing)

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  • http://www.greenbusiness.net/ Jason Trout

    This is great. The Des Moines Register just last Sunday had a big article on this and how farmers are now moving to bottle their own mild on their own farm and keep 100% of the profits instead of selling it wholesale and getting whatever meager percentage they would normally get.
    Not only is organic milk better for you and the environment but then if you buy it locall from a farmer, 100% of that money stays in the local economy.
    Jason Trout