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Play-Pump Addresses Rural Africa Water Needs

| Thursday June 23rd, 2005 | 0 Comments

playpump.jpgIn some rural parts of South Africa, water gathering is a time-consuming and costly chore. Wells are not common due to the high cost of digging and the relatively high amount of effort it takes to get a small amount of water out.
A new invention has made things a lot easier: The pump is attached to a children’s “roundabout” (merry-go-round) and crowds of happy kids do all the pumping while an elevated tank fills with water. This method pulls a great deal more water out of the ground for the local people.
The pump is paid for by advertising that is placed on the sides of the elevated water tank. Although forcing ads on people may be somewhat controversial, two of the four sides are reserved for health messages. See the official website for more details. (Also – London Times) Thanks DK!


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