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Triple Bottom Line Concept Spreads

| Tuesday June 14th, 2005 | 2 Comments

3-circ.jpgThis is the kind of article I like to see – An editorial in the Manila Times on the basics of sustainability and Triple Bottom Line reporting. It’s a basic article, but seeing it in the business section of what (to me) is a fairly distant place shows how far the concepts of sustainability in business have spread, and it ensures that more and more people are being exposed to them.


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  • http://www.greenbusiness.net/ Jason Trout

    It’s really interesting. I’ve been seeing “green business” articles all over the place. From “Fast Company” magazine to “Fortune Small Business” to my state paper to my local paper.
    I think the MSM is really starting to pick up on the fact that green business is a growing trend, and in fact is the wave of the future.
    Here’s a series of articles highlighting 14 green entrepreneurs in a very mainstream mag.
    Jason Trout

  • Luke Bouman

    This green movement is really picking up steam especially with “Green Businesses” Every day I see commercials with businesses promoting being environmentally friendly. From Computers to Cars businesses are starting to catch on.
    Luke Bouman