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Chevron Announcers “Will You Join Us” Campaign

| Friday July 22nd, 2005 | 0 Comments

chev_join.gifIn an interesting twist for a major oil company, Chevron has launched a campaign asking consumers to join with the company in acknowledging the finiteness of the world’s oil supply and to practice conservation. The campaign is called “Will You Join Us?” and, it asks: “How can we make oil and gas supplies last longer as the search for other fuels continues?”
Some might pass this off as all a bunch of marketing, and sure, it is, but it’s still pretty darn significant. Joel Makower points out that this is one of the first times a big oil company has broken ranks and made public statements advising conservation and acknowledging that the future lies beyond fossil fuels. All in all, it’s a pretty honest assessment of the situation and a positive step in my book.


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