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Dannon to Cut 3.6 Million Pounds of Plastic by Nixing Lids

| Friday July 29th, 2005 | 0 Comments

dannonplastic.gifThis morning I went to the shop to get some breakfast food and included some Dannon yogurt in my purchases. As I got home and opened one I thought, “why must they have these plastic lids, in addition to the foil?” Anyway, no sooner did I have that thought when I saw, under the plastic lid, printed on the foil: “3.6 Million Pounds of Plastic…” and a link to this website.
It turns out, beginning later this year, Dannon will in fact eliminate plastic lids from yogurt containers, sparing us the aforementioned quantity of plastic, sparing me a headache, and undoubtedly saving them a nice chunk of change. More on the Dannon site.


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