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Walmart Opens First Experimental Supercenter

| Wednesday July 20th, 2005 | 1 Comment

walmart.jpeA new Walmart supercenter is slated to open in McKinney, TX to serve as an experiment in resource-use reduction for the company, and on-site energy production. [Walmart press release]
Used motor oil and fry-oil will be used to heat the building, and there will be some use of solar and wind for electricity. But there are not many more specifics mentioned in the announcement.
Among the big things missing: Stormwater retention issues, such as pemeable paving and non-car transportation offerings. There’s also no mention of any sort of LEED certification. All in all, it looks like a pretty small step, but when the world’s largest retailer makes a small step, it tends to have fairly large ramifications.

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  • Denny

    There are no silver bullets, only millions of small steps in the right direction will remediate the environmental problems caused by wasteful use of energy and resources. Thanks for trying, Wal-Mart.