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Windsor Castle to Demonstate Mini-Hydro Power

| Tuesday July 26th, 2005 | 2 Comments

windsor.jpgThe Royal residence at Windsor castle will soon be partly powered by a “mini-hydro” plant installed on an existing weir on the River Thames. A mini-hydro plant is a relatively low power generation station, though it does not require a massive dam. The four-turbine installation should power about a third of the castle. It’s an experiment worth watching, and a great example set by those in positions of leadership. The question that remains – could the White House pull this off?


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  • John Chater

    Our parish council is interested in building a hydro plant on the river Trent. In order to explore its feasibility, we need to know what level of efficiency Kaplan turbines run at when placed near a weir on a large river. Ours would have a 6 foot head and would probably be rated at 1MW. Can we expected 70% or more of this rated capacity? What do yours get?

  • David Wilson

    What has happened to the Windsor Castle experiment? There are 28 locks on the Thames each with weirs most of which originally powered Water Mills and for many of which most of the original Mill Race still exists.
    When are these going to be upgraded to produce power?