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alonovo: An “Intelligent Marketplace” Launches

| Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 | 0 Comments

alonovo.jpgThere are a lot of online product marketplaces out there, some better than others, that allow consumers to rate products based on various criteria. However, none, so far, have managed to give people a decent chance to rate products based on environmental and social responsibility.
alonovo hopes to change that. They’ve set up a sharp new front-end to Amazon’s entire catalog of goods which gives a variety of basic ratings for the manufacturers of everything Amazon sells. The ratings are also customizable based on what you hold most valuable.
From a business perspective, the most brilliant thing about it is that it’s just a shell slapped onto Amazon and makes money off an affiliate bonus, no inventory, no nothing. But if it proves popular, it’s sure to influence some of Amazon’s inventory decisions, and they’ll also donate a certain percentage of proceeds to various groups. It’s also co-founded by a GreenMBA alum, Joey Shepp. (via Joel Makower at WorldChanging)


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