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FedEx Unveils Massive Solar Project at Oakland Airport

| Thursday August 18th, 2005 | 1 Comment

express_logo.gifThe FedEx facility at Oakland Airport (one of the company’s largest hubs) will soon be 80% solar powered. The new solar installation will be the largest corporate solar installation ever and boasts over 900 Kilowatts. That’s a lot of power. Press release here.

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  • http://www.GreenBusiness.net/ Jason Trout

    This is good news. Next time ’round I bet they use these instead:
    “For example, a $684,000 investment (after rebates) in PV panels would
    generate 90 percent of the company’s annual power needs and save roughly
    $52,000 a year on its electric bill. An array of 750 Sunflowers would
    deliver the same benefits for $228,000.”
    Hard to beat.
    Jason Trout
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