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About The Presidio Managerial Marketing Blog Project

| Thursday September 1st, 2005 | 1 Comment

This project is a part of the Managerial Marketing course at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco.
Is the essence of marketing to sell a dream or to fulfill the dream of society? Is the dream of society the common good, or what the market wants, or what business wants? What role does marketing play in this tension? This blog will explore these questions and the idea that sustainability marketing is transformative and is about creating and communicating “the dream of the possible” – a vision of a sustainable society.
Going beyond the traditional MBA marketing curriculum, students at Presisdio engage in an exploration of the implications for sustainability and are challenged to critically analyze existing marketing systems. The objective is to ensure students gain the skill and ability to integrate sustainability into marketing strategy, planning and decisions. Most importantly, the objective is to gain the mindset of a marketer – the ability to inquire into the real needs, of the individual and society, and to serve them.

A core objective of this course is to gain the mindset of a marketer. To this end, students are encouraged to observe the world around them and to reflect on the thousands of marketing messages they are exposed to every day. Students involved in this individual project will be publish periodic commentary to the blog regarding an issue in current affairs, a particular advert, or other form of marketing message.
Students may choose a theme for the entire semester or make observations across different subject areas. The idea is to examine concepts and methodologies from this course in actual settings, in addition to gaining insight into the mindset of a marketer.
Please enjoy our postings, and feel free to comment on them!
This class is taught by Ron Nahser and Nicola Acutt.

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  • http://commonground.typepad.com enrique

    I was wondering if you guys are going to be
    working with entrepreneuers on sustainable business plans for start-ups. Like the competitions held at Stamford and NYU.