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Fade, Transform, or Integrate – BSR Report on Future of CSR

| Tuesday September 20th, 2005 | 0 Comments

respons.jpgAlan White from BSR has put out a very interesting read on the future of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entitled Fade, Transform or Integrate: The Future of CSR. The scnerios that are explored in the article are threefold: Is CSR just a fad that will fade away? Is it something that will be strategically integrated into operations? Is it destined to be truly transformative? [read the article] DK at Phatgnat adds that it is the smaller brands who will likely find embracing CSR to be a positive business experience, while larger companies, suffering from their own inertia will find it more difficult.
There are some great comments on Phatgnat worth reading, which cut straight to the point – “being decent” is not a complex issue, and burying it in corporate-speak mumbo jumbo only muddles the argument.


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