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GM’s New 6-speed Transmission Gives Better Mileage

| Thursday September 1st, 2005 | 1 Comment

gm.jpgWith gas prices at their current levels, any mileage improvement is likely to be a big seller. GM is taking notice of this and introducing a 6-speed automatic transmission as part of an advanced powertrain it is developing. The extra gear will let the engine run slower while the car is at high speed. Addtional developments are revealed on GM’s press page.
To me these are great examples of ecologically sound developments which are motivated purely by economics. In fact, environmental issues are not even mentioned in the release. What would happen if they were? Would you consider it greenwashing? Would it turn off a certain segment of buyers?

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  • dennis cook

    will this work with a 2000 silverado 4×4 with a 4.8 motor