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Interview With Grahm Hill on eco.psfk

| Thursday September 8th, 2005 | 2 Comments

grahamhill100.jpgMost saavy internet users with a knack for sustainability are familiar with the blog treehugger.com. That popularity is testament to a very good, very well excecuted idea: to push sustainability mainstream via an entertaining and thought provoking piece of media – and in the process, build a successful small business. How’s Graham do it? The secret is bridging the gap between “The Granola Factor” and “The Convenience Factor”. Read a great interview with graham on eco.psfk for more!



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  • http://www.GreenBusiness.net/ Jason Trout

    TreeHugger.com is a very exciting play from a green business standpoint. Start-up costs were undoubtedly comparatively low and yet the possible gain is very large. What he’s doing underscores the power of the Internet for green business and sustainability in general.
    Not only is he educating people on different environmental concerns, he’s making a living while doing it. I just love that.
    Jason Trout

  • http://victoria-e.com/ Victoria E

    I’d love to read the interview, but so far, the site will not load for me.