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MPG Stick – Show off Your Vehicle’s Mileage

| Thursday September 15th, 2005 | 1 Comment

60mpg.jpgHere’s a nice little piece of entrepreneurship: Capitalize on people’s desire to be proud of the investment they’ve made in a fuel-efficient vehicle. MPGStick sells little stickers (recycled?) that you can apply to your vehicle boasting of 30+, 40+, or 60+ miles-per-gallon efficiency. Pointless vanity? In the sense that it might instill envy in others, one ought to walk lightly, but in the sense that it makes efficiency something to be proud of, I think this is great.

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    MPG Stick – Fuel Efficiency Stickers

    We’ll put these “mpg” (miles per gallon) stickers in the “almost” category because we’re not quite sure about them… We’re curious to hear what our readers think; Good idea? Bad idea? Why? On one hand, it does very little…