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National “Downshifting” Week Gains Steam

| Wednesday September 28th, 2005 | 2 Comments

downshift.jpgNational Downshifting Week” is a successful campaign in the UK to encourage simpler living, embracement of pro-environmental pricipals, a saner use of time, and investment in family and community. It’s a “nice idea” and hopefully will catch on. A one week program like this, if it achieved critical mass, could really make a difference on a large scale – think the ultimate non-commercial holiday. As a recenly afflicted workaholic, this comes none too soon!


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  • http://www.treehugger.com/files/2005/09/national_downsh.php Treehugger

    National Downshifting Week

    The National Downshifting Week comes from the UK and will be 1 year old next April (official week is from April 22nd to 28th, but we see no reason why it shouldn’t be an everyday event). It ‘s gaining ground…

  • http://www.DownshiftingWeek.com Tracey Smith

    Hi TP,
    Thanks for shining a light on National Downshifting Week – I am very proud of the project.
    It pulls focus on the important things in life – time, money and our planet and I hope it gets people into a new way of thinking about them all.
    Tracey Smith
    Creator of National Downshifting Week UK & USA