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Safeway Commits to Major Renewable Energy Purchase

| Wednesday September 28th, 2005 | 3 Comments

safeway.jpgSafeway, one of the largest supermarket chains in the US has made a major commitment to renewable energy. According to GreenBiz, the company will convert all 15 San Francisco stores to 100% renewable energy, as well as all 270 fuel stations in the US. I didn’t even know Safeway operated “fuel stations”, but the supermarket conversion alone is a massive coup for alternative energy. The energy (78 Million KwH of wind energy) will be purchased via the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program.


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  • http://victoria-e.com/ Victoria E

    What wonderful news! I’ve never been to a SafeWay, but in the process of getting ready to move to SF, I have heard a lot about them. It is great to know they are taking the initiative to do this; it says a lot about the company, as well as it sets a great example.
    I remember when I visited LA earlier this year, and the Whole Foods that I went to daily was run on solar power :)

  • http://sustainablog.blogspot.com/2005/09/safeway-going-greenbig-time.html sustainablog

    Safeway Going Green…Big-Time

    From Greenbiz via TriplePundit, news that grocery giant Safeway has committed to a major purchase of renewable energy…

  • Jimmy Page

    This effort by Safeway is a public relations farce. Overall, the company is only purchasing 2% of its electricity from renewable sources; 98% comes from dead dinosaurs in one form or another.
    This is according to EPA’s own Green Power Partner website:
    By contrast, Whole Foods gets 100% of its electricity — yes, 100% versus Safeway’s 2% — from renewable sources.
    Safeway needs to do a lot more converting to renewable power and a lot less talking about it.