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Solar Power Mandated for High Rises in India

| Tuesday September 20th, 2005 | 1 Comment

solar_india.jpgSolar power is set to become mandatory for multistory buildings in the West Bengal region of India. It’s the first time I’ve seen government mandate such a requirement, and based on what’s in this Calcutta Telegaph article it sound’s like it’s a pretty good idea. Plan backers say that installing solar power will not increase the per-unit price of the housing in question, and it will reduce preasure on India’s power grid, while creating employment at the same time. There is no mention on exactly what percentage of household needs will actually be met by the mandated instalation.

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  • http://enviropundit.blogspot.com jacqui_42@yahoo.com

    They are trying this in Spain and England. Hopefully, it’ll gain some traction.
    Mandartory Solar Panels in Spain