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Using Digital Textbooks to Reduce Waste

| Friday September 16th, 2005 | 3 Comments

zinio.gifI recently bought an electronic copy of my marketing textbook from SafariX. Despite the obvious environmental benefits, I was skeptical about using it. But after giving it a try, i have to say, it works pretty well (aside from the annoying heat my laptop gives off).
While electronic press will never fully replace paper books – unless we invent truly paper thin electronic media – the area is clearly a growing field. In addition to SafariX, another company to watch is SF based Zinio. They offer “exact replicas” of the printed versions at half the price, with the added benefits of search functionality, digital note-taking, and embedded multimedia.”
There are some major drawbacks to electronic textbooks of course. One is the fact that I already spend so much time staring at this laptop that another few hours makes me feel as though my eyeballs are melting. Also, the only real way to prevent people from copying the book and passing it around is to make it available online-only in such a format that is impossible to download. This means that if you like to study away from an internet connection (on an airplane for example), you can’t. Still, there is a legitimate argument to be made that the process is indeed “greener” and companies in the field are sure to thrive.


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  • http://goodbloggin.blogspot.com Frances M.

    Nick, make sure you increase your “eye food” intake… drink carrot juice, for example, while reading your marketing textbook.

  • http://www.646industries.com Nick Aster

    Carrot Juice? Not a bad idea… I think I’ll go out and get some!

  • http://www.therighthomebasedbusiness.com/gigispot.html Ted James

    I have invented a thing called GigaSpot. Gigaspot will allow us to remove textbooks from all classrooms. I think we can help each other save more trees.
    I’m working Cincinnati Public Schools to move on to the next phase of deployment.
    Check me out on WKRC TV12 here in Cincinnati.
    Your Thoughts?