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Car Sharing on the Move: ZipCar in SF, Big Investment in Flex Car

| Thursday October 6th, 2005 | 1 Comment

sfcarshare.gifThere is talk that car sharing may be approaching its “Tipping Point“. Sustainable Industries Journal reports on two major investments made recently in FlexCar and ZipCar that enphasize the level of interest in this nascent industry.
Here in San Francisco, City Car Share continues to grow, and you can’t go 10 minutes without seeing one of their trademark green bugs pass by. ZipCar is undergoing a major west coast expanstion and in San Francsico will create the first major market where two car-sharing programs will be compeating head to head.
There seems to be a perfect storm brewing – high gas prices and ownership costs, combined with more urban living, and a general ecological consiousness. Will it be enough to see large numbers of people ditch their cars for a shared vehicle? Time will tell, but for now, car sharing companies seem to be poised very well.

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  • http://carsharing.us Dave Brook

    I agree, it will be interesting to see how carsharing develops in SF, especially since Flexcar has also entered the SF market with a low-key launch this week. Don’t forget, Zipcar and Flexcar have been competing in Washington DC for several years and both seem to be doing well.