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DriveNeutral Launches – Neutralize your Car’s Carbon Footprint

| Monday October 3rd, 2005 | 1 Comment

drive_neutral.gifFor about the cost of a tank of gas, drivers can now do their part to fight global warming. DriveNeutral is a program run by a group of Presidio School of Management students in conjunction with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).
Drivers can purchase one of three tiers of decals certifying they have neutralized the impact of their vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions for an entire year. The program is similar to Wharton’s Terrapass, but instead of investing in green energy projects, the non-profit DriveNeutral program purchases Carbon Financial Instruments—or “credits”—through the CCX. The credits will then be “retired” on the exchange – simultaneously reducing emissions and driving up the price of credits which will encourage more companies to engage in emissions reduction programs. Give it a try!

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  • Steve DeGroat

    How much polution is created in the building of a new car?
    Does it make any difference if the new car is hybrid, full electric or regular gas model?
    I was just wundering if for the good of the world, should I keep my old car and not buy new because of the polution created by building the new car.