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Ford Discontinues Excursion

| Monday October 3rd, 2005 | 2 Comments

ford_excursion.jpgCiting lagging sales of large SUVs, Ford has killed the massive Excursion product line. The last 19-foot Excursion rolled off the line in Kentucky on Friday. It’s an obvious sign of the times, when lower incomes, combined with high gas prices reduce the demand for massive trucks – but hopefully there’s a little bit of eco-vision mixed in with the decision. Story via Treehugger.


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  • http://www.sustainabilityzone.com Rod Edwards

    Woo hoo! One down, many left to go.

  • Pablo

    Last year this would have been the funniest article of the week in The Onion. Also in the news: This year bicycle sales exceeded car sales in the US! “Times; they are a changin’!”