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Interra Project Proposes Credit Card to Benefit Local Economies

| Thursday October 20th, 2005 | 2 Comments

interra.jpgI find myself often lamenting the corporate-brand takeover of the world. Sure, there’s something be said for economies of scale and convenience, but when every town in the world is dominated by the same six chain stores, it takes away from what’s interesting in life – and arguably undermines the strength of local economies. Aside from legislation, the only way to combat it is by “voting with dollars”.
A new project called “Interra” has been started by the founders of Visa International and Odwalla to add data to credit card transactions which rewards people for shopping locally or at shops that meet certain criteria. I’m not sure exactly how the criteria are decided, nor how the whole thing works logistically, but it sound’s really cool!


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  • alexanderhorre

    I assume places like Safeway is out of the question. The more organic competition is Trader Joes and WholeFoods. Would such be too big of a chain to count as the proper alternative?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it’s sophisitacted enough to identify particular products – so that if you buy local honey, for example, at Safeway it still counts.