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Starbucks CSR Challenge

| Thursday October 6th, 2005 | 3 Comments

staubucks_challenge.gifTwo green bloggers – City Hippy in London and Green LA Girl in Los Angeles have teamed up to put Starbucks’ CSR policies to the test.
The plan: Visit Starbucks shops around the globe and ask “can I get a fair-trade cup of coffee”. The idea is to see how many of Starbucks employees have been properly educated about the issue, as well as to see what’s really available. People are encouraged to report their findings. The results will be interesting, and if not entirely positive, it will be interesting to see if enough people get on the bandwagon to elicit a response from the company.
So go ahead and try it! Report your findings to Cityhippy or Green LA Girl, or post them right here.


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  • Anonymous

    i think they claim to have a different program than fair trade.. they claim starbucks has their own csr version called CAFE.. never heard of it before…

  • Tom

    Hi, I’m a college student doing research on Starbucks CSR program. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good information on the program. Basically I’m looking for a detailed look at it. Thanks.

  • Sahrijal Barus

    hi my name sah sahrijal Barus Im a universisty student in public relation field,im interseted in to now how starbuck make good relationship with they comunity espesially with coffee grower whole the world,