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A Useful Listing of Right/Left Blogs

| Tuesday November 8th, 2005 | 1 Comment

leftright.jpgI’m of the opinion that “right” and “left” don’t really mean anything. Most issues, if you spend more than a few minutes thinking about them, are full of common ground. Irrational misunderstanding, bad reporting, and jumping to conclusions are the causes of this strange obsession with right/left blue/red and the myth that there is some kind of unbreachable gap amongst us.
Anyway, that said, there are still many who think this way, and I thought I’d pass on two great links which might help you out. From The QandO blog (which is itself slightly right) – a listing of RIGHT WING BLOGS and LEFT WING BLOGS. I highly recommend glancing at both and bookmarking some of them. Sometimes both sides are full of crap, sometimes they’re both full of insight. Either way, if you’re not reading outside your box, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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