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China Moves to Ban Electric Bikes in Some Areas

| Thursday November 10th, 2005 | 0 Comments

electrobike.jpgWhy is a massive car-culture considered the only way to a strong, modern economy? Is there a better way? I keep thinking, optimistically, that there has to be a sane compromise. Nonetheless, according to the South China Post, some Chinese cities are moving to ban electric bicycles in favor of automobiles. This ban follows similar bans on regular bikes in certain areas.
Cars are certainly not “bad”, but if they become the only option they cause an immense amount of pollution and rampant consumption, not to mention congestion and undesireable sprawl-style development. Ironically, with the luxury of hindsight, many European cities are reinstating pedestrian and bicycle dominance in urban areas. So, chalk it up as a phase for China, one that hopefully dosn’t erase the other options altogether.


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