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China Talking About a “Green GDP”

| Thursday November 3rd, 2005 | 2 Comments

china_flag.jpgPeople have proposed two scenerios for the growth of China. The first is that it continues to grow at a massive rate, consuming everything in its path, and producing an ecological catastrohphe that will be its demise, and possibly ours too. The second is that China wises up and becomes an unprecidented leader in “green growth” balancing its economic needs with good health for its people and a clean, healthy environment.
This article (WBCSD) gives great hope for the second scenerio. It seems China is studying the possibility of a new measurement for economic success – a “green” GDP if you will – which is not only a tally of economic progress, but also accounts for environmental impact and resource consumption as negatives against the total. It’s potentially a similar idea to the “Genuine Progress Indicator” proposed by the group Redefining Progress.


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  • http://www.conservationvalue.org Jon Gelbard

    As goes China, goes the future health of the earth (for the next few centuries at least). That is how important it is that the right minds get in there and convince the Chinese to grow with the energy sources of the future economy, not the dirty fossil fuels that are on their way out.

  • alexanderhorre

    As a developing country, China has the power to leapfrog innovative methods that are hindered in the Ol’ USA because of infrastructure obstruction. I can’t wait for the Green Wars. Tossing carrots will be fun.

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