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Fair Trade Firm Aims Way Beyond Coffee

| Friday November 4th, 2005 | 2 Comments

Fair Trade First is another great company idea. (website here). Most people are familiar with the idea of “Fair Trade Coffee” wherin coffee buyers are ensured that their cofee was grown in a sustainable manner and that decent wages were paid to the workers. Well, there’s a lot more than coffee out there, and this UK based firm aims to help companies and individuals find out all about it. They offer a totally free service to companies wishing to buy certified goods for the company kitchen – in return for a commission from suppliers. They insist that more often than not, going “fair trade” is less expensive than one might think.
thx DK!


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  • green LA girl

    Wait — Do you mean going “FAIR trade,” yes?

  • http://www.thoughtsonthings.com Nick

    Doh! – remind me not to post in the middle of the night. Typo amended!