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Live Blogging from Net Impact Part 2

| Friday November 11th, 2005 | 0 Comments

What would you say to mainstream MBAs? Gary Hirshberg – the big deal now is major companies making the switch to a more sustainable vision. Imagine Dannon (who own 80% of Stonyfield, but allow it to funciton fairly independantly) deciding to go organic. rest assured that if they do, Nestle and others will follow. That magnitude of change will require traditional MBAs, and other people “with letters after their name” to speak a language that major companies can understand, to help them bridge the link to get where they want, and need, to be.
Greg Steltenpohl – reiterates that point – look at Whole Foods, quickly gaining the market from traditional supermarkets.

Gary HirshbergWhat bums me out – over analysis. Too much thinking. You can rant on and on about the benefits of organic farming, but the farmer will look at you, shake his head and say, yeah, you want me to farm like my grandfather did. There is an inherint gut instinct about what’s right and wrong and we need to just roll with that and cut the crap.
Greg SteltenpohlWhat bums me out – Passion is a way to put up with lack of resources, and being ahead of the curve, but the irritation is you see an unideal world that sits like a stone in your shoe that you can’t get out. We’ve got major climactic problems coupled with human consiousness and chasms in that consiousness – so the problem is how do you ensure that people really understand, how do you keep people on the same page, how do you get people on the same team, together. That said – “what’s the number one job of a leader” — to show appreciation.


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