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Mercury Marine Puts Energy Responsibility on Backs of Plant Managers

| Monday November 7th, 2005 | 0 Comments

merc.jpgDo you know a guy who runs his heater with the window open simply because the landlord pays the utility bills? Well, Mercury Marine plant managers were not even aware of their energy costs because the corporate office had been paying them.

Not anymore. Utility costs are now part of each Mercury plant’s operating goals, just like productivity and material costs. To help keep track, the company installed power meters so that managers in every building know the natural gas and electricity usage.

In other words, simply by restructuring the way costs are covered, impressive new ways of saving money – and reducing environmental impact are realized. The details, and the numbers are are outlined in Saturday’s JSOnline. Also in the article is the note that higher energy prices mean a faster payback for efficiency measures, which means they’re more likely to be put into effect by managers seeking to impress higher-ups. It’s also common sense.


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